Graffiti Heaven is a new game for iPhone’s and iPads. The premise is kind of interesting, you take on a graffiti writers soul after he dies and keep getting up. Like Enter the Void meets Video Graf? No. It seems the game play involves “testing your precision” by tracing a dot around graffiti photos the development team has taken. Like those old follow the bouncing ball cartoons, but more urban. The artwork consists of Live Traced photographs of Italy with cheap flash animation. It’s insane how some people spend so much time and money on things they obviously know so little about. I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions by assuming this, if they knew one of the artists who’s artwork they put in their game they could have gotten a half decent designed title instead of using a terrible tag font. Also, the term “graffitist” they throw around sounds like something a grade nine art teacher would use. I’m not going to play this game, so if i’m wrong about all this hit me up.
Buy Graffiti Heaven for $0.99 at the App Store here.

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