I was doing some online exploring late last night and came across an interesting French blog post that documented “Digital Graffiti”. It focused on arcade games from the late 80’s and early 90’s, but most of the content was from Konami’s 4 player beat-em-up Crime Fighters. As an undercover cop, your mission is to fight your way through the mean streets of New York and rescue a group of kidnapped girls from the cities crime boss. Besides being awesome, the game portrays the grimy Koch-era by covering streets and subways with some pretty hilarious graffiti. Some tags include ROOTS ROCK REGGAE, PUNKS RULE and SLIME BALL RULE OK. The only one that stands out is a green BIO tag on a subway window which I’m sure was more of a happy accident than a shout out to TATS Cru. At the time this game was being made, graffiti was still relatively young and far from accepted commercially. Overseas, the Japanese crew at Konami did the best they could while being completely in the dark about the movement that was coming up.